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Ammonia 3046 0-1000ppb Colorimetric
Chlorine, free 9092 0-1000µg/L(ppb), 0-10mg/L(ppm) Potentiostatic
Conductivity, Degas Cation 9096 0-9.999µS/cm, 0-99.9µS/cm Cationic Exchange / Dynamic Degassing
Conductivity, Multicon & pH 9095 0-9.999µS/cm, 0-99.9µS/cm Cationic Exchange
Copper, dissolved 3045 0-100ppb, 0-3ppm Colorimetric
Disinfectants/Monochloramine 3052 0-5ppm Colorimetric
Ethylene/Propylene Glycol 3049 0-15ppm, 0-150ppm* Colorimetric
Filming Amines 3054 0-500ppb Colorimetric
Hardness, Calcium 3051 0-250ppb, 0-1ppm Colorimetric
Hardness, total 6051 Multiple ranges: 0.22-2.14ppm through 53.4-534ppm Titrimetric
Hydrazine 3044 0-100ppb, 0-500ppb Colorimetric
9072 0-1000ppb Potentiostatic
Hydrogen, dissolved 9091 0-1000µg/L, 0-10mg/L, 0-100cc/kg Potentiostatic
0-1000µg/L, 0-10mg/L, 0-100cc/kg Potentiostatic
Iron, dissolved 3048 0–250ppb, 0-500ppb, 0-5ppm* Colorimetric
Oil in Water 2410 0-99ppm Nephelometric
Oxygen, dissolved (LDO) 9065 0-2000ppb, 0-45ppm Luminescent/Optical
0-2000ppb Luminescent/Optical
Phosphate 3042 0-5ppm, 0-20ppm, 0-150ppm*, 0-300ppm** Colorimetric
Silica 3041 0-1000ppb, 0-5ppm, 0-150ppm*, 0-300ppm** Colorimetric
Sodium 9031CX
0.1ppb-10ppm Ion Selective
auto cal
0.1ppb-10ppm Ion Selective
Other parameters and ranges are available on request; please contact your Waltron sales representative.

* using internal dilution         ** using external dilution module

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Model: 3046
Ranges: 0-1000ppb
Technology: Colorimetric
Chlorine, Free
Model: 9092
Ranges: 0-1000µg/L (ppb), 0-10mg/L (ppm)
Technology: Potentiostatic
Conductivity, Multicon & pH
Model: 9095
Ranges: 0-9.999µS/cm, 0-99.9µS/cm
Technology: Cationic Exchange
Copper, Dissolved
Model: 3045
Ranges: 0-100ppb, 0-3ppm
Technology: Colorimetric
Conductivity, Degas Cation
Model: 9096
Ranges: 0-9.999µS/cm, 0-99.9µS/cm
Technology: Cationic Exchange with Dynamic Degassing
Model: 3052
Ranges: 0-5ppm
Technology: Colorimetric
Hydrogen, Dissolved
Models: 9091 and 9091C (portable)
Ranges: 0-1000µg/L, 0-10mg/L, 0-100cc/kg
Technology: Potentiostatic
Oxygen, Dissolved (LDO)
Models: 9065 and 9065C (portable)
Ranges: 0-2000ppb, 0-45ppm
Technology: Luminescent
Ethylene/Propylene Glycol
Model: 3049
Range: 0-15ppm, 0-150ppm*
Technology: Colorimetric
Hardness, Calcium
Model: 3051
Ranges: 0-250ppb, 0-1ppm
Technology: Colorimetric
Hardness, Total
Model: 6051
Ranges: Multiple from 0.22-2.14ppm through 53.4-534ppm
Technology: Titrimetric
Model: 6051M (Monitor)
Set Points: 0.4, 0.9, 1.8, 3.6, 5.4, 9.0, 18, 36, 54, 90 ppm
Technology: Titrimetric
Model: 3044
Ranges: 0-100ppb, 0-500ppb
Technology: Colormetric
Iron, Dissolved
Model: 3048
Range: 0–250ppb, 0-500ppb, 0-5ppm*
Technology: Colorimetric
Oil in Water (Monitor)
Model: 2410
Range: 0-99ppm
Technology: Nephelometric
Model: 3042
Ranges: 0-5ppm, 0-20ppm, 0-150ppm*, 0-300ppm**
Technology: Colorimetric
Model: 3041
Ranges: 0-1000ppb, 0-5ppm, 0-150ppm*, 0-300ppm**
Technology: Colorimetric
Model: 9031CX compact
Model: 9033X auto cal
Range: 0.1ppb-10ppm
Technology: Ion Selective

Click here for a list of discontinued models. Manuals, parts and consumables available.
Other parameters and additional ranges are available on request.
* Internal dulution
**External dilution module


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