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Waltron's 115th Birthday
When: 10/26/2018
Where: Flemington, NJ, USA

On October 29th, 2018, Waltron marked the 115th anniversary of the founding of the company with a small celebration in the Flemington Headquarters.  Waltron is the direct lineal descendant of the first Bull & Roberts partnership founded in 1903.  Irving C. Bull, a graduate of Yale University, and Alfred E. Roberts, a graduate of Wesleyan University (Connecticut), met each other while studying for their advanced degrees at Columbia University.  Shortly after graduation, they formed a partnership to practice analytical and consulting chemistry with offices and a laboratory at 100 Maiden Lane (and later 117 Liberty Street), New York City.  Irving Bull brought business from his former employer, the NY Ontario and Western Railroad, and Alfred Roberts brought business from his former employer, the Old Dominion Steamship Company.  The links to the maritime industry became the backbone of the business, as the two started building a clientele door-to-door at the nearby steamship docks and offices.

In 1984, the maritime division of the company was sold to Nalco, and the new Waltron company transformed into a leading supplier of online analytical instruments for steam and ultrapure water applications.  In the next thirty years, the company grew in stature with new subsidiaries and representatives all around the globe.  With major new initiatives for building up the company's technology and quality starting in 2014, Waltron is once again at the pinnacle of the industry, known and respected for its dedication to customer support and personal attention.

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International Installation - Fujian, China
When: May 2018
Where: Fujian Ningde Datang, China
Location: Baima port, Fu'an City, Ningde Prefecture, Fujian Province, China

This report showcases the recent installation and startup of multiple Waltron 3041 Silica Analyzers in the Fujian Province of China. The parent company Datang International Power Generation required consistently accurate and dependable on-line analyzers for their ultra-pure water to steam project. The Baim Port Facility is a major plant for the Fujian Province which produces 1,200 MW when fully running. They have been operating since 2009 and Waltron was chosen to be the partners for providing all the replacement analyzers for this project.

We are very pleased to report on the selection of Waltron analyzers to replace the existing units.


Operator training and maintenance was conducted during the startup period. Installation and startup can be stressful without the proper support. Waltron teams have support thorough operator training and we know it is essential for continued success.

The advantages of a touchscreen interface over the previous analyzers were evident to all operators during startup.


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Waltron's Spring Training is a hit!
When: Week of 9 April 2018
Where: Flemington, NJ
Location: Waltron HQ

Each spring and fall, the Waltron Group holds sales and service training for end users and distributors worldwide. This year was a great success with attendees from across the US, various countries in the EU, and as far as China.

Key takeaways from this year's seminar as reported by our attendees included:
  • Up to 2 year calibration intervals for the Waltron 9065 Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen
  • Hands-on analyzer and HMI operations for Sodium, Silica, LDO
  • Use of the analyzer technology and optimal locations for sampling the processes
  • Knowledge and a better understanding of analyzers
  • Waltron's robust line of portable units including the Waltron 9065C Portable LDO
If you would like to be put on the waiting list for the next training, please contact us or register your interest and contact information here


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Waltron 9065 Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer Selected by EDF
When: 12/1/2017
Where: Chinon, France

Waltron is proud to announce that the main producer of electricity in France, EDF, has selected the Waltron 9065 Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer for its fleet of power stations in France.  After more than two years of exhaustive testing under a multitude of conditions, Waltron's instrument was the only optical/luminescent dissolved oxygen technology given this prestigious certification.  The first stations to select the Waltron 9065 include Nogent-sur-Seine,  Flamanville, Golfech, and Cruas-Meysse.

Posted: 01-Dec-2017 through 01-Jan-9999

Stay in the Know: Good Enough Isn't
When: October 21, 2016
Where: Flemington, NJ
Location: Waltron Group Headquarters
“It was a shock when I realized what everyone thought was good enough, just wasn’t,” admitted Waltron President and CEO, Jon Guy.  “When I took control of the business in 2014, the chemistry lab was considered one of the company’s strengths. But it wasn’t continuously improving; I knew we had to take decisive action if we wanted to make Waltron the undisputed leader in this category.” 


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Press Release: New Head of Asia-Pacific Operations
When: June 10, 2016
Where: Flemington, NJ 08822
Location: Waltron Group Headquarters
Posted: 10-Jun-2016 through 01-Jan-2099

Press Release: Waltron Unveils 9096 Degassed Acid Conductivity Analyzer
When: June 7-9, 2016
Where: Champaign, Illinois
Location: Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop
Posted: 07-Jun-2016 through 01-Jan-2099

Press Release: Grand Opening
When: November 12, 2015
Where: Flemington, NJ 08822
Location: Waltron Group Headquarters



Posted: 12-Nov-2015 through 01-Jan-2099

Press Release: New Ownership
When: June 10, 2014
Where: Whitehouse, NJ 08888
Location: Waltron Group Headquarters
Posted: 10-Jun-2014 through 01-Jan-2099


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