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EPRI International Conference on Cycle Chemistry in Fossil and Combined Cycle Plants
When: June 26-28, 2018
Where: Arlington, VA
Location: Westin Arlington Gateway

Cycle Chemistry is widely recognized as an important consideration for ensuring high standards of availability, reliability, and efficiency of steam and water touched components in the cycles of utility fossil-fueled power generating systems. Chemistry related damage in fossil steam generators and steam turbines may result in component failures that require expensive and sometimes lengthy forced outages. This international conference will once again provide the industry with the latest information, developments, and field experience in all aspects of fossil plant cycle chemistry as applied to conventional plants and combined cycle units with heat recovery steam generators (HRSG). The major conference theme is to review, document and transfer technology on the current understanding of the chemistry requirements of fossil and combined cycle units under all operating conditions and identify those areas where better information is needed. Changing economic conditions and increases in a non-dispatchable renewable generation have led to dramatic increases in cyclic operation and unit layup. The chemistry issues resulting from this shift in fossil generating asset operation are a primary focus of the 2018 edition of the conference. Presentations will be given by recognized chemistry experts representing utility organizations, equipment manufacturers and consulting and research organizations from around the world.

Visit us at the Waltron table and meet our Director of Engineering.



  • Westin Arlington Gateway
  • 801 North Glebe Road
  • Arlington, Virginia 22203


    Posted: 19-Mar-2018 through 01-Jul-2018

    AEP GO Forum 2018
    When: July 23-26, 2018
    Where: Columbus, Ohio
    Location: Greater Columbus Convention Center


    GO Forum is an annual event that brings together AEP employees, utility company guests and top industry suppliers to network and learn about Plant and Generation Optimization (GO) through technology and process improvement.

    Posted: 01-Mar-2018 through 04-Aug-2018

    Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop
    When: June 5-7, 2018
    Where: Champaign, Illinois
    Location: Hawthorn Suites

    Now in its 38th year, this comprehensive program features state-of-the-art information on controlling corrosion, improving operation efficiency, and meeting environmental challenges in fossil- and nuclear-fueled power plants. This year’s program is geared toward improved training and continuing education of personnel responsible for electric utility cycle and environmental chemistry.   Link to the show:

    Visit our table at the event and meet our senior chemist - Hal and many of our new products.

    Posted: 01-Mar-2018 through 18-Jun-2020

    New Sales support for Florida, Caribbean, and Latin America
    When: April 2018
    Where: Florida


    We are pleased to give a great Welcome/ Bienvenido to Manuel Castillo - our new Sales Manager for Florida, Caribbean, and Latin America.

    Manuel was born in Puerto Rico and is currently living in Palm Harbor, Florida. He is married to Martha Romero, also a Chemical Engineer; and a proud father of three children and three grandchildren.

    Manuel is a US Navy Veteran and possesses a BS in Chemistry and further studies in Analytical Chemistry. Manuel brings 17 years of experience in the ultra-pure water chemistry industry.

    We are pleased to bring the experience and talents of Manuel to our proud organization. As Waltron expands our dedicated sales and support for these growing areas, we reaffirm our commitment in the region and in the technology we offer.

    En Español
    Nos complace darle una gran Bienvenida a Manuel Castillo, nuestro nuevo Gerente de Ventas para Florida, el Caribe y América Latina.
    Manuel nació en Mayaguez, Puerto Rico y actualmente vive en Palm Harbor, Florida. Está casado con Martha Romero, también Ingeniera Química; y orgulloso padre de tres hijos y tres nietos(a).
    Manuel es un Veterano de la Armada de los EE. UU. (NAVY) y posee un bachillerato en Química, y estudios post-graduados en Química Analítica. Manuel trae consigo 17 años de experiencia en la industria de la química del agua ultra-pura.
    Estamos muy contentos de traer la experiencia y el talento de Manuel a nuestra organización. A medida que Waltron expande nuestras ventas y nuestro apoyo dedicados a estas áreas en crecimiento, reafirmamos nuestro compromiso en la región y en la tecnología que ofrecemos.







    Posted: 02-May-2018 through 01-Jan-9999

    Installation Report-China
    When: May 2018
    Where: Fujian Ningde Datang, China
    Location: Baima port, Fu'an City, Ningde Prefecture, Fujian Province, China

    Waltron Installation Report from China 

    This report showcases the recent installation and startup of multiple Waltron 3041 Silica Analyzers in the Fujian Province of China. The parent company Datang International Power Generation required consistently accurate and dependable on-line analyzers for their ultra-pure water to steam project. The Baim Port Facility is a major plant for the Fujian Province which produces 1,200 MW when fully running. They have been operating since 2009 and Waltron was chosen to be the partners for providing all the replacement analyzers for this project.

    We are very pleased to report on the selection of Waltron analyzers to replace the existing units.


    Operator training and maintenance was conducted during the startup period. Installation and startup can be stressful without the proper support. Waltron teams have support thorough operator training and we know it is essential for continued success.

    The advantages of a touchscreen interface over the previous analyzers were evident to all operators during startup.


    Posted: 14-Jun-2018 through 01-Jan-9999

    Waltron's Spring Training is a hit!
    When: Week of 9 April 2018
    Where: Flemington, NJ
    Location: Waltron HQ

    Each spring and fall, the Waltron Group holds sales and service training for end users and distributors worldwide. This year was a great success with attendees from across the US, various countries in the EU, and as far as China.

    Key takeaways from this year's seminar as reported by our attendees included:
    • Up to 2 year calibration intervals for the Waltron 9065 Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen
    • Hands-on analyzer and HMI operations for Sodium, Silica, LDO
    • Use of the analyzer technology and optimal locations for sampling the processes
    • Knowledge and a better understanding of analyzers
    • Waltron's robust line of portable units including the Waltron 9065C Portable LDO
     Customer feedback included:


    "Great Job Waltron! Robust product line.."

    "Well conducted and clearly presented."


    If you would like to be put on the waiting list for the next training, please contact us or register your interest and contact information here


    Posted: 10-Apr-2018 through 01-Jan-9999

    Stay in the Know: Good Enough Isn't
    When: October 21, 2016
    Where: Flemington, NJ
    Location: Waltron Group Headquarters
    “It was a shock when I realized what everyone thought was good enough, just wasn’t,” admitted Waltron President and CEO, Jon Guy.  “When I took control of the business in 2014, the chemistry lab was considered one of the company’s strengths. But it wasn’t continuously improving; I knew we had to take decisive action if we wanted to make Waltron the undisputed leader in this category.” 


    Posted: 19-Oct-2016 through 01-Jan-9999

    Press Release: New Head of Asia-Pacific Operations
    When: June 10, 2016
    Where: Flemington, NJ 08822
    Location: Waltron Group Headquarters
    Posted: 10-Jun-2016 through 01-Jan-2099

    Press Release: Waltron Unveils 9096 Degassed Acid Conductivity Analyzer
    When: June 7-9, 2016
    Where: Champaign, Illinois
    Location: Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop
    Posted: 07-Jun-2016 through 01-Jan-2099

    Press Release: Grand Opening
    When: November 12, 2015
    Where: Flemington, NJ 08822
    Location: Waltron Group Headquarters



    Posted: 12-Nov-2015 through 01-Jan-2099

    Press Release: New Head of EMEA Operations
    When: February 28, 2015
    Where: Whitehouse, NJ 08888
    Location: Waltron Group Headquarters
    Posted: 28-Feb-2015 through 01-Jan-2099

    Press Release: New Ownership
    When: June 10, 2014
    Where: Whitehouse, NJ 08888
    Location: Waltron Group Headquarters
    Posted: 10-Jun-2014 through 01-Jan-2099


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