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Nalco Southeast Power Conference
When: May 1-3, 2018
Where: Riviera Beach, FL
Location: Marriott Palm Beach Resort

The Southeast Power Conference will provide attendees an overview of the latest water treatment digital monitoring and analytics technologies, strategies for challenging quantity/quality water conditions and best practices for total plant solutions for power generation.

Posted: 18-Jan-2016 through 12-May-2018

Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop
When: June 5-7, 2018
Where: Champaign, Illinois
Location: Hawthorn Suites

Now in its 38th year, this comprehensive program features state-of-the-art information on controlling corrosion, improving operation efficiency, and meeting environmental challenges in fossil- and nuclear-fueled power plants. This year’s program is geared toward improved training and continuing education of personnel responsible for electric utility cycle and environmental chemistry.


Posted: 01-Mar-2018 through 16-Jun-2018

EPRI International Conference on Cycle Chemistry
When: June 26-28, 2018
Where: Arlington, VA
Location: Westin Arlington Gateway

Cycle Chemistry is widely recognized as an important consideration for ensuring high standards of availability, reliability and efficiency of steam and water touched components in the cycles of utility fossil fueled power generating systems. Chemistry related damage in fossil steam generators and steam turbines may result in component failures that require expensive and sometimes lengthy forced outages. This international conference will once again provide the industry with the latest information, developments and field experience in all aspects of fossil plant cycle chemistry as applied to conventional plants and combined cycle units with heat recovery steam generators (HRSG). The major conference theme is to review, document and transfer technology on the current understanding of the chemistry requirements of fossil and combined cycle units under all operating conditions and identify those areas where better information is needed. Changing economic conditions and increases in non-dispatchable renewable generation have led to dramatic increases in cyclic operation and unit layup. The chemistry issues resulting from this shift in fossil generating asset operation are a primary focus of the 2018 edition of the conference. Presentations will be given by recognized chemistry experts representing utility organizations, equipment manufacturers and consulting and research organizations from around the world.

Posted: 19-Mar-2018 through 01-Jul-2018

AEP GO Forum 2018
When: July 23-26, 2018
Where: Columbus, Ohio
Location: Greater Columbus Convention Center


GO Forum is an annual event that brings together AEP employees, utility company guests and top industry suppliers to network and learn about Plant and Generation Optimization (GO) through technology and process improvement.

Posted: 01-Mar-2018 through 04-Aug-2018

Stay in the Know: Good Enough Isn't
When: October 21, 2016
Where: Flemington, NJ
Location: Waltron Group Headquarters
“It was a shock when I realized what everyone thought was good enough, just wasn’t,” admitted Waltron President and CEO, Jon Guy.  “When I took control of the business in 2014, the chemistry lab was considered one of the company’s strengths. But it wasn’t continuously improving; I knew we had to take decisive action if we wanted to make Waltron the undisputed leader in this category.” 


Posted: 19-Oct-2016 through 01-Jan-9999

Press Release: New Head of Asia-Pacific Operations
When: June 10, 2016
Where: Flemington, NJ 08822
Location: Waltron Group Headquarters
Posted: 10-Jun-2016 through 01-Jan-2099

Press Release: Waltron Unveils 9096 Degassed Acid Conductivity Analyzer
When: June 7-9, 2016
Where: Champaign, Illinois
Location: Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop
Posted: 07-Jun-2016 through 01-Jan-2099

Press Release: Grand Opening
When: November 12, 2015
Where: Flemington, NJ 08822
Location: Waltron Group Headquarters



Posted: 12-Nov-2015 through 01-Jan-2099

Press Release: New Head of EMEA Operations
When: February 28, 2015
Where: Whitehouse, NJ 08888
Location: Waltron Group Headquarters
Posted: 28-Feb-2015 through 01-Jan-2099

Press Release: New Ownership
When: June 10, 2014
Where: Whitehouse, NJ 08888
Location: Waltron Group Headquarters
Posted: 10-Jun-2014 through 01-Jan-2099


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