N3500-325 Sodium Spare Parts Kit

The N3500-325 Sodium Spare Parts Kit carries all the essential items needed to keep your Waltron 9031/32/33 sodium analyzer running.
Product Details
The kit contains all the plastic tube fittings and critical components in case a failure should suddenly occur. Each compartment is clearly labeled for ease of use and reordering as items are removed from the kit. This kit is Waltron’s response to prevent the following:

• A thermistor goes bad and reads HOT, resulting in waiting for a new part
• A unit won’t calibrate because of a failed solenoid valve
• A fitting on the solenoid or drain line breaks and sample floods out your unit or room
• The need for a “small” fitting that doesn’t meet a minimum order amount

Or perhaps you have multiple sodium analyzers and simply want to protect your investment?

Learn more about our Sodium Analyzers: • 9031CX9032X9033X

Download N3500-325 Sodium Spare Parts List

Download N3500-325A Sodium Spare Parts List

Download N3500-326 Sodium Spare Parts List


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