6051 Hardness Analyzer

The first of Waltron's new AQUALERT line, the 6051 Hardness Analyzer offers the best in simple design, efficient operation and low cost.

Waltron's 6051 Hardness Analyzer uses automatic titrimetric technology to detect hardness levels in water as calcium carbonate (CaCO3).  Enjoy a straightforward and intuitive operator interface as well as quick and easy maintenance.  Automate your hardness measuring system for affordable mistake-proof reliability and greatly enhanced measurement resolution.

Easy to use fully automatic operation

Wide-Range analysis

Hassle free maintenance

Long lasting reagent

Automatic graphical display of last 100 results

Compact design

4 Relay outputs

4-20mA output signal

Removable SD card

No calibration necessary

Accurate and reliable results


0.4-536 ppm

+/– 5% of the measuring range

+/– 2.5% of the measuring range

Sampling Frequency (Cycle Time)
Approximately 3 minutes, depending on hardness of sample

Required Maintenance
Monthly replenish reagent; Yearly replace tubing

Reagent Consumption (approximate)
One 500ml bottle per month, depending on hardness of sample

Sensor Classification

Ambient Temperature Range
1-40°C (34-104°F)

20-90% RF (without ice or condensation)

Unit Dimensions
Height=23.6”(60 cm), Width=15”(38 cm), Depth=8.3”(21 cm)

Positioning and Installation Details
Open wall mounting; Optional enlcosure

2.1 kg (4.6 lbs.) without enclosure

Degree of Protection
Open wall mounting IP43; Enclosure IP54

2 or 4 configurable alarm relays

Power Supply (on request)
85-264V AC, 47-63 Hz

Certification (on request)  
Meets low voltage and low electromagnetic compatibility directives



Temperature Range
5-40º C (41-104º F)

Inlet Pressure Range
0.5-5 bar (recommend 1-2 bar)

Outlet Sample
Atmospheric, waste tubing O.D. 6mm


Sample Interferences
Iron <3ppm; copper <0.2ppm; aluminum <0.1ppm; manganese<0.2ppm; acid capacity ks4.3>

Sample Conditioning Requirements
Clear, colorless, free of solid particles, free of gas bubbles

Materials in Contact with Sample
Stainless Steel, ABS, PVC



Analog Outputs
0/4-20mA for measured signal

4 Relay Output
Max 250 VAC / V DC 4A; potential free NC/NO





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