Experts in
Water Chemistry
since 1903

Experts in boiler water chemistry and innovators to the
drinking water industry for over a century, bringing the most
advanced online instrumentation available today.

Waltron is the market leader in water and steam quality monitoring instruments for the Power Generation,
Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Water/Ultra Pure Water, Semiconductor, and Environmental industries. Waltron
also serves the industry with service programs, on-/off-site training seminars, and plant chemistry audits.


Waltron is committed to offer the highest quality, most technologically-advanced range of water quality instrumentation available. Our instruments are designed foremost to be easy and inexpensive to operate and maintain – without the user needing an advanced degree in chemistry to keep them running.

Other Products

As a leader in the field of water chemistry since 1903, Waltron serves a global range of industrial and municipal clients, as well as various branches of the U.S. Government. We offer a wide range of accessories and spare parts for instruments, and specialty pumps and chlorinators for military applications.


Waltron produces its own precise reagents and chemical standards in house, as well as a number of fully-tested and ready-to-use reagents for other manufacturers’ instruments. Our lab team also assists chemical manufacturers in developing online analysis methods for their specialty products.

Product Spotlight

9065 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

The Waltron 9065 Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer (LDO) utilizes optical (luminescent) technology for measuring dissolved oxygen in water at sub-ppb levels, independent of flow. Luminescent technology features superior benefits and cost savings compared to traditional dissolved oxygen sensing technologies, including ease of maintenance and operation. The 9065 provides high accuracy with excellent long-term stability and can be used in a variety of online analysis applications throughout many different industries.


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