6051 Hardness Analyzer

Range: 0.22-2.14ppm

Range: 53.4-534ppm

The Waltron 6051 Total Hardness Analyzer offers the best means to control ppm-level hardness in simple design, efficient operation, and low cost. The 6051 uses automatic titrimetric technology to detect hardness levels in water as total or carbonate hardness, expressed in °dH, °f, mg/l, or ppm. The 6051 has a straightforward and intuitive operator interface with quick and easy maintenance procedures. A wide array of reagent formulations allows for flexibility in choosing the appropriate range. Automate your hardness measuring system for affordable mistake-proof reliability and greatly enhanced measurement resolution.

Easy to use fully automatic operation

Wide-Range analysis

Hassle free maintenance

Long lasting reagent

Automatic graphical display of last 100 results

Compact design

4 Relay outputs

4-20mA output signal

Removable SD card

No calibration necessary

Accurate and reliable results



0.4-536 ppm


+/– 5% of the measuring range


+/– 2.5% of the measuring range

Sampling Frequency (Cycle Time)

Approximately 3 minutes, depending on hardness of sample

Required Maintenance

Monthly replenish reagent; Yearly replace tubing

Reagent Consumption (approximate)

One 500ml bottle per month, depending on hardness of sample

Sensor Classification


Ambient Temperature Range

1-40°C (34-104°F)


20-90% RF (without ice or condensation)

Unit Dimensions

Height=23.6”(60 cm), Width=15”(38 cm), Depth=8.3”(21 cm)

Positioning and Installation Details

Open wall mounting; Optional enlcosure


2.1 kg (4.6 lbs.) without enclosure

Degree of Protection

Open wall mounting IP43; Enclosure IP54


2 or 4 configurable alarm relays

Power Supply (on request)

85-264V AC, 47-63 Hz

Certification (on request)

Meets low voltage and low electromagnetic compatibility directives




Temperature Range

5-40º C (41-104º F)

Inlet Pressure Range

0.5-5 bar (recommend 1-2 bar)

Outlet Sample

Atmospheric, waste tubing O.D. 6mm



Sample Interferences

Iron <3ppm; copper <0.2ppm; aluminum <0.1ppm; manganese<0.2ppm; acid capacity ks4.3>

Sample Conditioning Requirements

Clear, colorless, free of solid particles, free of gas bubbles

Materials in Contact with Sample

Stainless Steel, ABS, PVC



Analog Outputs

0/4-20mA for measured signal

4 Relay Output

Max 250 VAC / V DC 4A; potential free NC/NO



Technical Documents